About Dr. Alicia 

When I started interviewing autistic adults for my dissertation, I discovered that I really enjoyed hearing their stories and unique perspectives. I figured out quickly that most of the stereotypes that I had been taught about autism simply were not true. The people I was talking with were not like emotionless robots at all. They were funny, authentic, and passionate about contributing to society in meaningful ways.

I grew inspired to provide services for the “lost generation” of adults who were overlooked because their autistic traits were not readily apparent to others or because they did not have access to resources that were a good match for them in childhood.

Many of my clients report that they were wounded by treatments that tried to make them "less autistic." I celebrate the many ways that human brains are diverse, and I want to help you heal and live up to your full potential.

Since 2011, I have been researching social anxiety in adults on the spectrum, and now I’m motivated to bring what I’ve learned into my community in the Silicon Valley.

My passion as a therapist is helping clients manage social anxiety, recover from trauma, reduce depression and anxiety, and remove the barriers to reaching their goals. If you feel ready to navigate the social world with more confidence and ease instead of dread and avoidance, I hope you will give me a call today.

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A few notes on my training and background:

I received my doctorate in clinical psychology from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in Palo Alto in 2013. Since 2006, I have worked in clinical research at the Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute at the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center on clinical studies for adults with anxiety related to advanced-stage cancer and with autistic adults who experience social anxiety. I currently am a lead clinician and supervisor for a clinical trial at UCSF for psychological distress in long-term survivors of HIV/AIDS. I am also certified in Trauma-Focused CBT and Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy.  



If talking on the phone is a major barrier for you, you can use the form on the Contact page to send me a typed message.